Friday, July 14, 2006

Ummmm, long time no post.

Chris, the computer aide just reminded me that I started this blog. Guess it's more of a quarterly exercise than a daily one. Since my last post, we've had a huge influx of manga titles from TokyoPop. It's part of the Teen Summer Reading program. And, the Atwater Village Library has its very own manga artist, a patron named Mariana who draws all the front covers of the manga titles she reads. We commissioned an artwork from her in a small attempt to re-start that whole patronage of the arts system.

What else? Well, we had an awesome SWORDFIGHTING program on June 27th. The team from Tigertainment (look 'em up, ) came in and fought in front of our very eyes. No, that's not the royal "we", there were a bunch of people there. Michael John showed all the patrons the different types of swords used and discussed the history of weapons. They had a really cool claymore.

That's it for today! Remember, when it's a million degrees out there (as it is today) that youre local public library is probably air-conditioned and full of cool stuff to read.


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